Prebid First Release

Back in August 2015 was Prebid’s first release. The first version has been tested thoroughly and is the most basic setup of all the Prebid versions.

Below were the first bidders supported:







Below were the first Ad servers supported:

  • Google Publisher Tags (GPT)

GPT Getting Started here
GPT Reference here

  • Custom

These were the API functions supported in the first release:


  • setTargetingForGPTAsync()

This code is a static method of PreBid and will set query string targeting on all GPT ad units. It is important to note that all ad units on the page must be defined before calling this function.

  • getAdserverTargetingParamsForAdUnit(adUnitCode)

*Update* Since its release, this function has now been split into getAdserverTargeting() and getAdserverTargetingForAdUnitCode([adunitCode]).

getAdserverTargeting() is a function that returns all ad server targeting for all ad units.

getAdserverTargetingForAdUnitCode() is a function that returns the query string targeting parameters available for a specific ad unit at the time of request.

  • requestBidsForAdUnit()

*Update* – This has now been remade into requestBids()

requestBids() is a function that simply request bids. This requests bids for all units added when the adUnits or adUnitCodes have not been specified.

  • registerBidCallbackHandler()

*Update* – This has now been made into a callback within requestBids().


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